MaxCAD consistently achieving best practice BIM through the use of technology

BIM Building Information Modelling for MEP Building Services.

Precise laser scanning and digital representation.

Developers of MEPtrix the industry standard 3D HVAC fabrication drafting software.

Registered developers, and licensees of Autodesk.

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Since 1989 MaxCAD,
industry leaders

With a history going back to 1989 in drafting and Computer Aided Design, today MaxCAD provides the most accurate BIM modeling with non-graphical support data for facility management and maintenance.

We design accurate, workable drawings, including workshop details.

We don't build fairy tales, we build real workable drawings

MEPtrix & MaxCAD

MaxCAD, through its own development of the MEPtrix platform, allows building service suppliers to achieve faster manufacturing with fewer re-makes and variations, which significantly reduces pain points and leads to direct cost savings in the construction process.

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Our Services

We provide a wide range of services and solutions for business.


These animations show how MaxCAD can transform real buildings and site installations into 3D BIM or CAD drawings to scale, creating Co-ordination and documentation of building services including electrical cable trays, fire services and hydraulics

We can provide drawing files in almost any format required by our clients including PDF, DWF, DWG, DXF, HP/GL-2, TIFF and many others if required.