MEP BIM Modelling Of MEP systems

MEP Systems

MaxCAD specialises in offering MEP BIM modelling services, creating 3D digital models of a building's mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems using BIM software. MaxCAD's models provide a detailed, accurate representation of the building's MEP systems, which can be used to optimise the design, construction, and management of the building.

MEP BIM Modelling For Accurate Construction Drawings


The services offered by MaxCAD typically include the creation of 3D models of the building's MEP systems, as well as the generation of accurate construction drawings and cost estimates. These models can be used to visualise and test different design options, making it easier to identify and resolve potential issues before construction begins.

MEP BIM Modelling For Construction Management

Skilled Professionals

MaxCAD also offers consulting services to engineers, and contractors, providing expert advice and guidance on the design, construction, and management of a building's MEP systems. To provide these services, MaxCAD employs a team of skilled professionals with expertise in BIM software, MEP design, and construction management. They use advanced technologies such as laser scanning and virtual reality to enhance their modelling capabilities.

MEP BIM Modelling To Reduce Errors & Conflicts


Overall, MaxCAD plays an essential role in the design and construction of modern buildings. By providing accurate, detailed models of a building's MEP systems, they help to optimise the design process, reduce errors and conflicts, and improve the overall efficiency and quality of construction.